Car Wash, all you need to know

Every day our cars are tested. The exterior image of our car is influenced by many factors, resulting in the deterioration of the color and alteration of its stylish appearance.

The size of the wear and tear depends entirely on how well we take care of our vehicle. It may be insignificant or may reach the point where refineries are required to be repaired. It is very important to take care of our vehicle so as to minimize any damage as statistically it is the biggest investment after our residence. Remember that car colors are now water-soluble (to protect the environment). Therefore more vulnerable.

Car wash

The car wash is a process that takes time, care and attention and should be done frequently. Many times we do it ourselves, but most of the time we go to a hand wash professional who is the best.

Exterior cleaning

Exterior car cleaning deals with exterior surfaces, windscreen, lights, wipers and color trim.

It is best to clean our car immediately when we observe insects, tree resin, dirt, birds, etc., and even fuels, as long as they stay long, they cause discoloration and marks.

  1. We try to wash our car twice a month. To start the process, the vehicle must be cold and in a shady place.
  2. We use the best car wash soap (not dishwashing detergents, laundry, bleach etc, which are caustic).
  3. We never use hard cloths or towels. Only clean car sponges, leather, microfibre cloth or synthetic sheep wool. If you want to do a 'professional' wash, you should use 4 types of cloth. One for metal surfaces, one for glazing, one for your tires and one for general use.
  4. Rinse the vehicle with water.
  5. Soap. The wheels are the last part of the vehicle we wash. It is advisable to use a special detergent for our wheels and tires.
  6. Rinse with clean water.
  7. Wipe with special cloths per area.
  8. If you wish, drive your vehicle with wax once every 1.5 to 2 months (not necessarily after each wash). Useful Information: If you use different cloths for each area of ​​the vehicle, buy them in different colors per item to avoid confusing them during use. Also read carefully the washing and drying instructions of each cloth so as not to damage it unintentionally.

- Windscreen cleaning

After washing the car, it is advisable to additionally clean the windscreen with a glass cleaner. This will remove any stains and dust particles, which in the opposite light will bother you with their reflections.

- Lights cleaning

Even if your car has a headlamp wash system, it is advisable to clean them in the winter with a soft towel, as the dust layer on their surface reduces the efficiency of lighting.

- Wiper care

Clean their swabs with a soft cloth and water. In the event of severe wear and tear, replace them immediately by purchasing either a full set or just changing their tires to save money.

Color Protection

There are several products available on the market for protection against any external hazard (resin, flue gas, scratches, etc.) with wax being the most widespread.

If you have already got scratches, various marks, blurry spots etc then you need to polish your vehicle and possibly reset the paint. Easy cases can be handled on your own with various specialty products available on the market (paint repairers, scratch repair systems, etc.). If the damage is extensive you should consult a professional.

Useful Information: The effect of weather conditions (high or low temperatures, snow, acid rain) on our car is also important and it is advisable to protect it by keeping it in places where it is protected or hooded.

Internal cleaning

The main points for cleaning the interior of the car are the following:

  1. Remove the covers and seats .
  2. Wipe the inside of the vehicle and the seats with a high-power vacuum cleaner.
  3. If stains are present, only use special car cleaning & maintenance products for textile or leather surfaces.
  4. Pay close attention to cleaning the ceiling with the right products and without excessive pressure (due to the sensitivity of the spot).
  5. Clean and maintain plastic surfaces with specialized products. Solar radiation and heat gradually cause irreparable damage.
  6. Flavor the vehicle with a fragrance of your choice (spray, gel, etc.).

Professional washing

If you do not wish to wash your car yourself or do not have the time available, we recommend that you consult a serious hand wash professional who uses professional quality car products. Do not get carried away and decide only on the low cost. You will most likely regret it. Sooner or later you will find damage (internal & external) from the use of dirty cloths and inappropriate chemicals. As a result, you will pay a repair later at multiple costs. You will realize that you have done more damage to your budget and your peace of mind than economics. Avoid car wash with brushes. They cause damage. Professional maintenance is usually not required.

Whatever method of cleaning your vehicle, we recommend frequently sterilizing the interior with ozone (without the use of chemicals) and once a year biological cleaning. Especially if you smoke, carry your family or have pets.

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